Greg Bates Automotive: Shop


We are ccing combustion chambers, we check every aspect of our performance jobs.




Break room, Lunch time gathering spot
Service counter
Customer waiting area


In the shop...

Here we are verifying the results of the cnc port job that was performed, not just accepting it was ok!


ASNU Close up- Our customers say you can eat off of our floor; here in the injector lab you could perform surgery.
Boring tools- Accuracy is crucial for maximum performance. Our digital spring tester allows us to be more precise than most would ever dream.
Shop- Our continual investment in equipment allows us to be very self sufficient.
Pressbrake- This Pressbrake allows us to do most of our custom bending projects in house.
Here’s some of the equipment used to produce the one of a kind pieces we are known for.

The Superflow 110 is used to measure the flow of cylinder heads, carbs, throttlebodies, headers and all other pieces of your air pump (engine).

This is the fabrication bay where some very unique pieces have come to life.

When a special tool is needed and can not be purchased, we make the tool to do the job. This is our custom billet valve train organizer.