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We provide Dyno Services using DYNOJET Research Technology!

Don't trust anything but the DYNO when it comes to tuning your street, race or track vehicle.

These numbers won't lie!! Are you looking for the real gains in horsepower, torque or fuel economy? Don't believe the manufacturer's claimed numbers? Why should you, when Greg Bates Automotive Dyno Services can provide the data to back up or refute any upgrades or modifications you make? Our chassis dyno is capable of measuring up to 1200+ H.P.

Schedule your private Dyno service now before the race season and your competition get any closer. Call us at 217.253.2721 before time runs out.

You will not find this at your
average automotive repair shop or dealership!

We have load trac testing capabilities which allows us to apply a steady load at any given RPM. This feature is needed when tuning most electronic fuel injection systems. The dyno is a very useful tool whether troubleshooting tough drivability problems or researching performance combinations.

Parkland College's ‘Learning Curve’

Red Dog Racing's Bonneville Salt Flat Car

Greg Bates Automotive Customer’s Trucks

Click the links below to see the actual DYNO Graphs that we ran in our shop:

2002 Ford F-350, 7.3L Turbo, 4x4
1998 GMC 3500, 7.4L Engine

1996 Ford F-250, 7.3L Non-Turbo


*Acrobat Reader is necessary to view these Graphs, click here to download:


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Racing Fuels:

E98 testing in progress.





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ASNU - Up close proof that just because the part number is the same does not mean that they will flow the same.
ASNU - Superflow & ASNU allow us to measure both air & fuel flow characteristics of our customer’s engines.
ASNU - From one injector to eight we can test one or all at the same time.

ASNU Injectors-
Here we are checking the injector spray pattern which is critical to proper performance.


All fuel injectors require service at some point!

A few of the best times to service:

  • When a problem is suspected or confirmed
  • When injector removal is required during other services
  • When injectors have been neglected for 100,000 miles or more after long periods of storage when fuel has been left in the system

Benefits of reconditioning vs. replacement:

  • Reconditioning is a fraction of the cost of a new replacement injector. Proper operation is verified before installation (this is not the case with most new injectors)
  • Assurance that all injectors have equal flow rates (this allows all cylinders to have same air/fuel ratio, not some rich and some lean). Most injectors can be serviced in the same amount of time that it takes to order a new injector, or less.
  • Properly operating fuel injectors will provide you with maximum performance and fuel economy.

Standard injector service steps:

  1. Flow test injector to check for restriction & spray pattern analysis
  2. Electronically test injector to verify it is capable of functioning correctly.
  3. Leak test to verify there are no external leaks that would render the injector useless.
  4. Remove seals, spacers, o-rings, pintle caps, etc.
  5. Ultrasonically clean and back flush injector
  6. Install new seals, filter basket, o-rings, spacers, pintlecaps, etc.
  7. Perform flow test to verify equal or acceptable flow rates and correct spray patterns
  8. Install our custom label (only after they perform to our standards)


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